Download Terrarium TV APK latest 1.9.8 Version For Android To Watch Free HD Movies

Last updated: April 13, 2018 at 7:01 am

Terrarium Tv is an application that lets you watch, download and stream latest movies, tv shows and videos for free. Terrarium has an amazing movie collection that can be watched anytime you want. To watch movies on Terrarium TV or showbox, users just need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection. It works on all platforms; Android, Windows and iOS. You can watch movies and your favorite tv shows in High definition quality with suitable subtitles.

Terrarium TV App Download

Name Of The AppTerrarium TV
CategoryVideo streaming, Entertainment
PublisherNitroXenon (Peter Chan)
Official URL
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Date Published
Current Version1.9.8
Previous Version1.9.7
Download File Size33.1 MB
Package Namecom.nitroxenon.terrarium
FeaturesStream HD Movies & TV shows
Minimum RequirementAndroid 4.0+
File Size1.61 MB

Terrarium TV is not listed at Google Play Store. Beware of downloading the Terrarium TV APK/IPA files from other sources they may contain virus/malware.

Download Terrarium TV for Android

Terrarium TV is not available on the Google play Store, thus, users need to download it from third party sites like uptodown, Mobango, apkmirror, apkpolice, 9apps and many more. They all are safe for installing the Terrarium TV APK on your devices just like Showbox APK.

Let’s follow the steps given below for downloading  the application on your Android devices.

Step 1 – To download third party application, users need to change their phone settings.

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.

terrarium tv step by step download 1

Step 2 – Now download the apk file from the link given below.

Download Terrarium TV (1.9.8)

Step 3 – Go to your file manager and find download file.

Step 4 – Open the file and press “Install”

terrarium tv step by step download 3

Step 5 – Wait for the installation process to finish.

terrarium tv step by step download 4

Step 6 – Open the app icon from your home screen and enjoy.

To download Terrarium TV APK on your Android device, users require two things; Android 4.0.1 or versions above this as well as MX Player. These two things are quite necessary for running Terrarium on your Android based devices.

How To Download Media To External SD Card?

A common query is how can one download their stuff to the SD card instead of having it clog the device’s own memory.

Currently, it is not possible to download your content to the SD card directly. Android’s default download manager cannot be tampered with without getting root access. Fortunately, that is not necessary.

To move the videos you download to SD card, you can use a download manager app. Apps like IDM Download Manager or Advanced Download Manager can pick up your downloads automatically and complete it for you. You can modify the Storage settings of the app to put the files in your SD card.

Hopefully in the future, the Android downloading mechanism will be able to put your stuff on the SD card directly too.

How To Fetch Subtitles On Terrarium

Isn’t it cool to have a service that plays your favorite content without any hassle? Terrarium TV APK can also get you subtitles for your content. Here is some quick 411 about it:

  • Terrarium has four subtitle services that it supports. They are OpenSubtitles, SubHD, Makedie and Zimuku.
  • You can modify the subtitle language according to your preference.
  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Choose Subtitles Languages”. You can select whichever languages you want to receive subtitles of in the upcoming screen and click “Ok”.
  • In case you cannot find subtitles for the content you are watching, you can download it and play it along with subtitles you obtained from the internet.

Common Issues With Terrarium TV APK

There’s quite a lot of issues that are being reported by user community of the app. Many of these issues have been discussed by the developers or representatives of the Terrarium TV app. And for all the issues that haven’t been discussed, you might just find a solution here. The best alternative of terrarium is ShowBox, You can download it from this latest ShowBox APK File.

Terrarium TV: Commonly reported Problems

  • Subtitles don’t sync properly.
    There are multiple quality subtitles available online. If you have downloaded the subtitles from an external source, then make sure the qualities/prints are the same. Most Terrarium TV prints are web-dl, so make sure to download an appropriate version.
  • The app displays “No Data” and screen goes blank.
    This could most probably be because the content was deleted from its main host site. This can happen if someone filed a complaint on account of copyright violation or if the video was improper or not up to the mark. Try waiting for a few days to see if the content comes back up.
  • Sources don’t show
    A few users report problems with Pelispedia and Putlocker sources not showing up, unless a VPN is set up. The common circumstance we noticed is they lived in countries that blocked these websites. This might be all that is causing this issue.
  • Afdah links everywhere.
    This issue was taken up promptly by the developer. As he says, “Afdah seems to be not a good provider”.
  • Wrong content playing in the link
    This is a common issue too. There could be several causes for it. Most probably, the content has a limited number of copies on the internet, which might be fiercely guarded. This could be causing the trouble you’re facing. The solution? You just need to wait it out till more sources become available.

The greatest bit about Terrarium TV APK is that the problems are solved almost immediately after an issue is reported. The developer is pretty proactive in ironing out issues. I guess for this reason, this app has climbed the popularity charts aggressively, putting prominent predecessors like ShowBox to shame.

Latest Features in Terrarium TV app:

  • Search through multiple filters while sorting movies by year.
  • New genres for TV shows, Western and Kids are now live.
  • You can now filter for CAM version movies through your settings.
  • Customise font on subtitles on Terrarium TV!
  • Loud ads are now muted by default. Your ears won’t be blasted to goo.
  • More intimate syncing options for users.

Isn’t that pretty useful? Let’s now see some cool stuff we can do with Terrarium TV through the settings.

Bugs Fixed In The Most Recent Updates:


  • GoogleVideo Links have been fixed
  • Fast CDN Links have been added
  • New Providers have been added to the link list


  • The buggy ExoPlayer has been discontinued.
  • YesPlayer has been introduced, offering 70% less ad interruptions.
  • Broken GoogleVideo Links, Chromecast, download fails and other bugs fixed.


  • Introduced auto-switch if default subtitle provider fails to work
  • Several new providers and resolvers
  • Trakt TV problems fixed.
  • Reduced APK Size to fit more smartphones more easily
  • Bettered User Interface

Expected In Future Updates:

  1. Upvoting/Downvoting for sources and subtitle links
  2. Detailed content filters
  3. Content Queueing to avoid interruptions.

How to use Terrarium TV?

    • Clear Cache through the settings now. Open the app, go into settings from the top left hamburger menu. Scroll to the very bottom and you should see the option to clear cache. Very useful if you’re an avid user like me and your phone slows down from all the stored data.
    • How to Backup and Restore Terrarium TV data? You can find those options in the app as well. Launch the app, go to settings through the menu, and scroll to find the Backup and Restore categories. While by default, auto-backup is disabled to ensure your app doesn’t keep hogging space, you can choose to enable it. Also in the same menu, you will find options to back-up everything from settings to favorites, watched records and more. If you have had to uninstall the app, you can go to the same place to restore those records as well.
  • How to adjust subtitle settings? It’s pretty easy. In the same settings menu, there are in fact two dedicated sub-menus ready to help you choose your language for subtitles, as well as the font available on Chromecast when you toggle them.
  • What else can the updated Terrarium TV do? A lot. Go to settings, and you can filter out bad quality sources (CAM links), toggle unaired seasons and episode visibility, manage providers and resolvers, default download settings, including the app to employ (if any), and so much more. If you’re not interested in entertainment other than in the english language, you can choose to filter other languages out as well.


Terrarium TC Screenshot
Terrarium TV Screenshot 2
Terrarium TC Screenshot


Premium Ads Free Version

Terrarium TV app is known for the amazing collection and user experience for people watching movies and TV shows. But there is one thing that totally pisses off the users which is the sudden appearance of adverts. The ideal scenario would be where users who can pay should be allowed access to an ad-free version of the app while for others it should be like any other free app. There have been many issues where the user’s phones were freezed due to excessive advertisements. Though there were many users who would suggest that there are certain issues with the app developers facing issues with the payments. Well for now all we can hope is that they revive the app that used to be popular among the people. 

External Player support removed

As a recent development, in the recent update of terrarium TV. The option that would allow users to play their stuff on the player of their choice. Now users have nothing but to play their stuff on yes player. Now the problem is that users don’t really have a liking for the yes player since it is so crap. In most experiences there seems to be some problem with the audio. Now the issue is not with the version that has been downloaded from apkmirror. The issue is only with the apk file that has the modded player.

So when you fire the app, the app lets the online server know if the apk is modded or not and hence removes the default player option. Also people who are already using the developer version of the terrarium TV app have no problem in playing the material inside their phone  with any player.

Another way is

  • Open the terrarium TV app, select the stream link and just after that click on “copy stream link”
  • Open MX player, tap the upper 3 dots in the top right corner, click “network stream” and then tap OK.
  • Terrarium TV is an excellent app but the problem is that lately users are unable to play their movies and TV shows from those links. Some users have complained that they were not able to play some reliable links. Though users still claim that they can stream full HD quality movies without any problem but they are able to do so for other apps.
  • Though from what we found, the whole thing seems to be just a specific location based incidence as most users have no problem in playing the content.

Kodi TV for terrarum TV

Kodi is basically a media player that you can use to aggregate all your media sources. It is something that can be used to stream all your content. It can be used to play content off TTV. It is a one of a kind media player that can be used as per your preferences which includes addons which further makes it a player that can be used to stream from illegal sources. TTV ideally has nothing to do with kodi except for the fact that for kodi there are plugins within kodi that you can install that do the same thing as TTV.  

Bugs And Their Solutions

Bug FAQ: Having Trouble Casting content to TVs using Chromecast. Is there a solution?


There is. Chromecast can take time to load content to the screen if it is used with the standard Google interface. Instead, try using a third party app like AllCast or Localcast to stream it to the TV from your mobile. The apps are available free on cost on Google’s Play Store.

The other option is to press “Play With…” in the link’s menu, and then choose a casting app to connect to the TV. Alternatively, if you have a media player that supports connecting to a casting service, you can choose to play the content using that as well.

Bug FAQ: Can’t update Terrarium TV on my Android emulator/Chromebook/Arc Welder-running device?


This is actually a little hard to solve. There currently exist no ways to have the app update itself on its own whenever a new version becomes available. It might not be so with certain devices, but it certainly is the case with many. One way to work around this problem is to keep an eye out for new versions that might be released. You can find more about the app by keeping up to date with forums and websites covering latest news about it. Download the latest apk and install it of your emulator or device just as if installing the app afresh. The old app will be overwritten and you’ll get the latest app.

Note: Some emulators might show a second icon of the app, or install it twice. In such a case, you can check the versions of both icons in the app’s settings, and uninstall the older one.

Bug FAQ: Terrarium TV doesn’t work/goes blank when I open it? What’s wrong?


There are several possible reasons this could be happening. One is that the app could be trying to display an ad (I know, yuck, but a developer’s got to eat…) that it isn’t being allowed to show because of an ad blocker app or service. In such a case, you can try disabling the ad blocker and running the app again.

The other reason could be the app running as an old version. Try manually getting the latest update and installing it. No need to uninstall the previous version, lest you lose watched content and favorites data. If the app stopped working right after you updated, it might be that there are optimisation problems with your device. You can still watch movies on the app; just revert to the previous version. Previous version apk files are available on several websites and forums.

Bug FAQ: Why does the app only run after I turn on/off my VPN?

Solution: Using a VPN is always the safer way to do anything on the internet. If you cannot run your app without a VPN, it could be because the app is banned on your ISP or in your geography. Most VPN apps allow you to choose an IP Address at a location you can pick from a list. Pick one from a different country and your content should load.

If your VPN won’t let you run the app, it could be that the VPN is slowing down the process. It could also be that the app is banned in the country you’ve set the virtual IP to. Try switching the IP address, or try turning it off. Some also report that rebooting the WiFi router does the trick for them, and you can try that as well, though it doesn’t seem to have worked for us.

Bug FAQ: I’m having trouble casting a link. Please help?

Solution: Actually, not all links can be used with Chromecast or other casting apps. Try using a different link or trying a different casting service.

Terrarium TV Review

Changes In Recent Update 1.9.3

Terrarium TV is an app that is loved by tons of people worldwide who use it to see movies for free and also to see things like HD movies and do offline downloads. The best part about the app is that they keep refreshing the app with new updates at equal intervals. It keeps the content of the app in mint condition with focus on increasing the content. The latest app has even more Googlevideo links which will help host the content.

Speed is always a major concern when it comes to apps that have movies and songs. In the latest update, the team has added even more CDN-FastServer links along with new HD providers and also URL resolvers. With the new update, even the existing important things like earlier providers, URL resolvers and seriesguide extension have been fixed. Many users would complain about broken providers that mess with the whole user interface.

In the latest update, all the broken providers have been disabled. As always, the team has done great job on the whole app by optimizing the app by fixing bugs and crashes, overall the performance has been improved.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Is it legal to use for streaming and downloading TV shows?

The app does not host content anywhere. It only collects and offers links to popular TV shows being searched for around the world. It falls on the viewer to decide if the content is legally available. If you think the link provided to watch the TV show is in violation of the law, contact the provider of the link (the website is named by the app in the link itself). Above all, when watching content on the app, give Google a quick spin to find out if the episode is in the public domain.

Is there any alternative for Terrarium tv app?

There are a few alternatives to the app. They’re not as good, however. You may want to check out apps like ShowBox, Play View or Vidmate. Others like Amazon Prime Video or Snag Films work on similar concepts as the app, but they cater to different audiences, and might not be free.

Is it legal in India?

Legality of content in specific regions or countries does not usually change drastically. In India too, you may contact the website that hosts the content if you think the video is illegal. Googling to make sure the video is public domain is a good idea too. If you think a video is grossly offensive or shouldn’t be available on the app, you can use the app’s social networks and its subreddit to bring it to the developer’s attention.

Is there any its alternative for PS4?

PS4 cannot run Terrarium TV as far as we are aware. You may try using an Android Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick or cam also try Terrarium TV For Kodi  and load the app on them. These devices are usually cheap and don’t interfere with your PS4 console, nor do they interrupt gaming.

Is the app available for the iPhone?

No, unfortunately. There are other apps you may use to watch content on your iPhone, but this app will not run on any iOS device, or for that matter any OS other than an Android. You might want to look for an emulator or a Virtual Machine to get the app installed on other devices. The safest option is to choose an app like Snag Films or subscribe to Netflix.

Is using VPN for using it legal in India?

VPNs are legal and often recommended. Unless you’re in an extraordinary situation, using a VPN will probably be for the better. For legality purposes, we have covered the topic above. Changing your IP address doesn’t change anything else.

Is it possible to access Terrarium TV For Laptop Or PC?

No. You will have to use an Android emulator or a Virtual Machine.

Does the app also stream music?

In its current version, no. Maybe in a future version the developer includes it. You can watch musicals from the app and use MX Player’s “background play” option to make it run like a music file. If you want music, you might want to use a more musically oriented alternative like Vidmate.

What is the latest version?

The latest version as of updating this is 1.8.1. Newer versions are expected soon.

Which are the best iOS apps that work like Terrarium TV?

You can might find apps like Snag Films or Crackle to be of much help. The most commonly suggested alternative to the app is Netflix, followed closely by Hulu. However, Hulu might not work for people trying to access the app outside of the United States. For people looking for a comprehensive library of legally available entertainment and a host of other features for a reasonable price, I recommend Amazon Prime Video.


Terrarium is an app that will take you by storm. There is an awesome collection of movies you’ll love to watch. Users can choose whether they want to watch movies in high resolution or low as per their phones compatibility. The best feature of Terrarium tv as being a new app in the market is that, users can cast movies on television via ChromeCast. Interested users should try the app once!

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