Apps like Terrarium TV

There has hardly been an app that can match Terrarium TV in its utility. But if Terrarium TV doesn’t really do it for you, there are apps like it around the market that you can use. Most of these apps are free to use and have no costs involved post-installation. But ones that do are often worth every penny you pay.

Here are top 5 Terrarium TV Alternatives.


  • Vidmate

    Vidmate is one classy app if you want to watch movies and TV show episodes. The app is primarily a video downloader. But the immense benefits of the app are positively astounding. The app also gets you music to download free of cost, along with Live TV streaming. You can make memes, browse trailers, YouTube vlogs and everything else under the sun. Plus the app is also pretty amazing to use as a web browser.

  • ShowBox

    ShowBox is more similar in design to Terrarium TV than others. The app is however much more popular than Terrarium TV, having been around for much longer. The app hosts links to your favorite TV shows and movies, and you can choose your prefered player, resolution and source server. ShowBox also has dedicated sections for music, news and trailers which make it easy to keep up with hollywood gossip, latest movies expected and more.

  • Snag Films

    If your reason of installing Terrarium TV was all the hard to get movies and TV shows on the app’s library, then Snag Films has you covered if Terrarium isn’t your cup of tea. The app has free movies and TV shows you can watch, and they cover a much more diverse sampling of shows than most other apps. There are Korean movies, African cinema, Documentaries, Film Noir, Short Films, LGBT Movies, less known films by well known artists and more. The app is free, and the content can be watched for free as well with a few interstitial ads.

  • Viewster

    There are hardly any apps that enable users to watch Anime. Fewer still are actually good with quick updation, easy accessibility and an organised set up. Viewster is one such app that makes you capable of watching anime and animation movies, TV Shows and other content. The app service also has more movies and TV shows you can watch which aren’t animated, but the USP on the app is really this sort of content. You should give it a try!

  • Netflix

    And finally, the one we all know; Netflix is really quite the alternative to Terrarium TV. The app is paid, yes. But the service it gives is quite worth the buck. With virtually every sort of movie and TV show to watch online, Netflix’s popularity has something strong to base itself on. The only issue with the app is that content can be geographically limited, which is not the case with Terrarium TV or ShowBox. But it is still worth every penny!


There are other options too. Cartoon HD, MegaBox and several other apps can replace Terrarium TV as your go to option to watch free movies. Each of them has their pros and cons. Try them out and tell us which one you like.

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