Terrarium Tv on ChromeCast (Streaming)

Terrarium TV is a tv and movie streaming application that is gradually becoming one of the best app for movie lovers. With HD quality movies and trustable video links, Terrarium gives its users an excellent movie watching experience on their smartphones. A blessing in disguise for movie lovers is when an app is available to run via ChromeCast. Terrarium gives you an option to watch latest movies and tv shows on your television screen via ChromeCast.

terrarium tv chromecast streaming

Cast movies on ChromeCast

As we all know that ChromeCast allows you to watch movies on the big screen for free. Let’s learn to cast movies on ChromeCast by the steps given below.

  1. Foremost, Install MX Player and LocalCast on your devices.
  2. Play the video or movie you want to watch.
  3. As the video starts streaming on your phone.
  4. Share it with MX player
  5. Tap on the three dots in the right hand upper corner.
  6. Press on tool> share > LocalCast
  7. Now select your ChromeCast.
  8. The video will stream on to your television screen via ChromeCast.


ChromeCast is a feature that has been added to almost all the movie streaming applications now. Therefore, enjoying movies on television screen is quite easy. There are other apps that are as good as Terrarium in this feature, for example, TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, ViewSter, Crackle, VidMate, Cartoon HD, Popcorn Time, PlayView, CinemaBox HD, PlayBox HD and many more.

These apps provide you with same movie quality and amazing User Interface.

Final Words
Terrarium TV has a beautiful black user interface that really attracts your eye. Exceptional movie watching experience and classic movie collection entice you for the rest of the day. Streaming movies and videos on ChromeCast is really easy and safe. Users can enjoy Terrarium over their television screen and watch unlimited movies with friends and family. Please remember that AllCast and MX Player are necessary softwares for your app to work on your devices.

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